Hello, I am William Hook
Photographer, video editor, mountain biker.

I am a 24 year old male who lives in Stafford, in the West Midlands, UK. I enjoy taking photos and making videos, mountain biking, technology, gaming, watching movies and TV shows, and...that's about it. :)

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Photos & Video

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  • I take a lot of photos, and you can see them around the world wide interweb. You can find them on...

  • Ride Your Damn Bike

    I take a lot of photos of people being awesome on bikes, and you can find most of them on there. Click "RYDB" on the left hand menu to find out more info as well.

  • Instagram

    Most of my day-to-day photos go on Instagram - bikes, tech, food, landscapes, whatever. Mostly taken on my phone, though the odd photo from my GoPro or DSLR might slip through... :-)

  • Flickr

    Any decent photos that I take that aren't of mountain biking will go here - eg, photos from my DSLR of life, etc. I don't update it nearly as much as I should, but there's some new stuff every few months.

  • Chase Trails

    For the past few years I've taken all the photos for Chase Trails, which appear on the website, as well as on the Facebook and Instagram accounts. The older photos on the site and blog from about 2 years ago or older were taken by other people, but the more recent ones are mine.

    I've also done all the videos on the YouTube channel.

  • Follow the Dog Mini Site

    The main Chase Trails website exists to provide information on the trails, and most importantly, to try to recruit new volunteers to help out. There's nowhere on the site that really shows off the trails extensively. As such, it was decided among the core group to launch two websites to really show off the mountain bike trails to their full extent. Both sites display a gallery of photos taken of the trails - all taken by myself. I also put the site together, using a photo gallery template.

  • The Monkey Trail Mini Site

    As above, this is the site that showcases The Monkey Trail on Cannock Chase, for Chase Trails. Once again, all the photos were taken by myself.

Ride Your Damn Bike

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  • "Ride Your Damn Bike" is a little side project I set up in early 2014. The idea for it is to be a mini "production company", though really it's just a hobby - with me, a few cameras, and lots of spare time. The name came from a fairly well known video, How To Be A Mountain Biker.

  • It's focused mainly on Cannock Chase, in the Midlands, as it's down the road from me and easy to get to. I've taken photos and created some films of the Racers Guild Timed Practise events up at Stile Cop, and done a few videos on the cross country trails as well. If you'd be interested in me doing a video for you or even a business, feel free to get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

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